Band Open Rehearsal 7 November

Do come along to our Open Rehearsal at 7:15pm on 7 November at Hickling Methodist Church NR12 0YD  – any woodwind, brass or percussion  welcome and of any standard.  Join the band for one session and be hooked for life.

If you are still lucky enough to be at school and in Year 11 or below then your parents will need to stay with you.

Do let us know if you plan to come so we can have the right music for you to play.



It must be spring!

After a winter at Hickling with spring just pushing at the door we are rehearsing in the Barn again.  Check out thew personal heater and flask of Bovril!

Saturday Night at the Movies

Our next concert features music from the silver screen!  It is at Scratby Church Hall on Saturday 27 April at 7:30pm and tickets are £6.00 available on the door. We hope to have a pop corn machine and do feel free to brgin a bottle!

Band Open Rehearsal

Our next open rehearsal is on Thursday  8 November at the Methodist Church in Hickling.  Do come along – just drop us a line to say which instrument you play and set our on a new musical experience!!